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We hope you enjoyed the podcast and found a lot of value in the information that we shared. Dr. Krause and I felt strongly about addressing some of the concerns that women have as they enter either peri-menopause, menopause or the post menopausal phases. Hula hooping offers so many benefits, it really is one of the most well rounded (pardon the pun) pieces of fitness equipment that I’ve found in the last ten plus years as a trainer.

Benefits of Hula Hooping

Sizing Makes All The Difference

The right size + the right technique leads to hooping success!  Starting with a hoop that’s a bit larger and heavier means your hoop will spin a bit slower giving you time to learn the proper body mechanics.

Hula Hooping Burns Fat

Boost Your Workout

Hula hoop workouts are a fun way to exercise.  By burning over 400 calories per hour, hooping shuts down cravings better than other cardio workouts, and decreases your stress hormone that makes it hard to lose weight.  Whether you’re just starting a fitness program, a yoga enthusiast, or CrossFit devotee, you can use your hoop to jump start a brand new fitness program and take your workout to the next level.

Improves Your Mood

Hooping blocks out the constant mental chatter by releasing the same neurochemicals that make us feel happy.  Everyone is surprised at how liberating it feels to live in the moment and just allow themselves to “BE” while hooping.

Reduces Back Pain

The rhythmic rocking movement of hooping can reduce back pain caused by too much sitting or a weak core.  Hooping can realign your spine’s strength and flexibility, improve posture, and release the tension in the muscles surrounding your lower back.

Family Fun

With kids spending more and more time starting at screens, hooping provides fun family time that can reset everyone’s mood and focus.


We all know the benefits of meditation, but few can sit still long enough to enter that state.  Hooping provides a moving meditative state that slows your mind and releases worry.  Hoopers come back again and again to achieve that flow state.

My Top Hula Hoop Recommendations for Beginners

NOTE:  Click on each of the hoops to see the color and size options before adding to your cart.

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Get Started Right Away with Our Free 3 Part Video Series

For listeners of the podcast, I’m including a free three part video series with each hoop purchase.  The video series includes

  • How to Waist Hoop Properly
  • Troubleshooting – How to Correct the 5 Most Common Beginner Mistakes
  • How to Start Turning In Your Hoop

I really do want you to succeed and have fun.  If you have ANY questions please email me at leighdavislittle@gmail.com!

Want more instruction and a complete workout and schedule?  The Hoop Fitness DVD would be a great option.

Leigh Little is a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Precision Nutrition Certified. She is a fitness enthusiast and regular Canyon Hoops contributor with blog articles and videos and is the creator of Canyon Hoops Hoop Fitness DVD.  To work with Leigh one on one for hoop fitness or weight loss contact her at leighdavislittle@gmail.com  or on Instagram @leighdavislittle