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Mini Hula Hoops Decorative Tapes


The latest must have hoops!  Mini hoops come in pairs, are light weight, tone arms and upper body, and add beautiful, visual poi like dancing to your hooping workout.

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If you’ve mastered the normal size hoop, the mini hoop offers a fun, refreshing challenge. Mini Hula Hoops Decorative Tapes are sold in three sizes that should be ideal for all body types and experience levels.  These hoops are taped with decorative glitter and sticky grip tapes to make it easy to control the hoops. Made from 1/2″ 100 psi poly tubing, these hoops are light and responsive.  The larger the hoop the slower it rotates and enables a bit more control during use.  If you require a size greater than 24″ or wish to have 3/4″ 100 or 125 psi tubing we can make the hoop for you at no extra charge.

What Size do I Need?

Measure the distance from your wrist to your arm pit and choose whichever diameter is closest to that dimension.  So beautiful and so much fun these hoops are also used by jugglers. We can make any hoop to your specifications. We have a toll free number give us a call!  503-728-8502.

Want to speed up the learning process?

We strongly suggest you add our Mini Hula Hoop Instructional DVD to your cart to get a jump on learning proper technique. What’s more of a bonus than to practice working a pair of hoops in both hands? Mini Hula Hoops develop coordination and creativity as well as helping the brain work faster, which leaves you to generate more amazing hooping ideas!


  • 1/2″ 100 psi poly tubing
  • Light and responsive
  • Three sizes, up to 24″
  • Myriad color combinations
  • Numerous customization details
  • Sticky tape for extra grip and control

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