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Kids love Hooping!

Kids love our hula hoop designs!  Parents love that they can hold up to months of imaginative play, tugging and pulling.

Our hoops are made of high quality, durable tubing that won’t kink or crush easily like traditional toy store hula hoops.

Kids find our hoops easy to learn basic hula hooping skills.  They can also use our dance hula hoops to learn fun new tricks like tosses, spinning around their arms and legs and hands.

One Hula Hoop, Endless Fun for Children

  • Reduce screen time
  • Promote healthy habits
  • Fun way to exercise
  • Great for parties and special events
  • Perfect for school PE classes, camps, community centers
  • Helps kids relieve stress and anxiety

Which Hula Hoop Is Best for My Child?

We offer three hula hoops designed with kids in mind!

Our Children’s Hula Hoops have just enough weight to help kids learn and keep the hoop spinning.  They are great for hula hooping around the waist and will hold up to rough play!

Our UV Glow Polypro hoop is perfect to help kids learn on and off body tricks.  It’s lighter than are our traditional Children’s Hula Hoop and is better for spinning around hands, legs, over the head and tosses.

Our Dance Hula Hoop Advanced is an intermediate weight hula hoop that’s a bit of a hybrid between our Children’s Hula Hoop and the lighter UV Glow Polypro hoop.  It’s heavy enough to help kids learn waist hooping but light enough to start learning on and off body tricks.

Size Recommendations

You can be sure that these hoops will work to make it easy to learn and fun to use.

  • We recommend the child hoop for your children up to about age 7. If your child is a bit taller or heavier the youth hoop is recommended.
  • Children between 7 and 10 are about right for the youth hoop.
  • We recommend the small adult exercise or a small dance hoop for your pre-teens and larger children, 90 pounds and up.

Please note that not all colors shown in the pictures are always available.

Special Offers

Holiday Specials coming soon!

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  • Our Child and Youth Hula Hoops are available in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and bright decorative tapes that kids love!  Sized and weighted perfectly to withstand hours of imaginative play.

    These hoops are made from 3/4″  I.D. 100 psi tubing that will stand up to the punishment of many hours of hooping, pulling, spinning, and whatever else your child’s imagination can come up with – unlike toy store hoops which get kinked and broken within minutes!

    “I was looking for an inexpensive option for my daughter to hula hoop without her little brothers being able to bend and destroy it. This has held up great for a year and now we have ordered one for little brother too.” Erin 12/5/2016



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  • The best dance hoop for the best hoop dancers. Experienced hoopers look no further than the Canyon Dance Hula Hoop Ultra Flex.

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