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Elevate your Hoop Dance with PolyPro

Featherweight Poly Pro Dance Hoops are the go to hoops for all serious hoop dancers.  Lightweight and responsive, these are the hoops you need to perform isolations, transitions, leg hooping, doubles and many more dance moves. Beautiful metallic colors and snap button connectors for a secure fit during use. [/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section]

What or who are PolyPro Hoops good for?

  • Intermediate, experienced and performance hoopers
  • Ultra lightweight and responsive
  • Great for dance tricks of all kinds

Special Offers

You are in luck! For our 2016 Holiday Special we are offering a special Buy One at full price and get a second polypro hoop for 50% off the regular price. Many of the current popular dance moves require two hoops so don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity. 

We always have some special offers. Check our sale items! page for our current offers.


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