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Learn to master hoops with both hands. Mini Hoops are small, lightweight hoops designed for hand manipulation and produce beautiful flow movements. Mini Hula Hoops are available in both polypro and HDPE tubing allowing you to choose your preferred tubing material. Customize your mini hoops by choosing from a large variety of colors, tapes and sizes.

What are Mini Hoops good for?

  • Light and responsive
  • Hand manipulations and flow
  • Great arm and upper body exercise
  • Lots of color combinations
  • Sticky tape for extra grip

Special Offers

We do not have any current special offers, as we revamp our website. Check back in mid-Spring for more information!

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  • What’s more of a bonus than to practice working a pair of hoops in both hands? Minis develop coordination and creativity.

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  • The latest must have hoops!  Mini hoops come in pairs, are light weight, tone arms and upper body, and add beautiful, visual poi like dancing to your hooping workout.

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Showing all 2 results