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Dance Hoops for Beginner to Professional Hoopers

Our Dance and Performance Hoop category is your source for the perfect dance hoop. The hoops in this category are usually smaller in diameter and lighter than our Exercise and Fitness hoops. Your selection depends on your evaluation of your current dance hooping progress, then selecting the options that fit your body type and style.

Who or what are Dance Hoops good for?

  • Beginner, intermediate, experienced and performance hoop dancers
  • Dance hoops typically have a bit more “bling” to enhance the experience for the hooper and their audience
  • Learn and master isolations, escalators, step throughs and other cool dance moves

Special Offers

We do not have any current special offers, as we revamp our website. Check back in mid-Spring for more information!

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  • Infinity Collapsible Dance Pro Travel Hoop for all hoop dancers on-the-go. Traveling nationally or just to your local park? Take this hoop!



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  • New to hooping and want to learn hoop dance? This is the ideal size and weight for both beginning and intermediate hoopers.


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  • The best dance hoop for the best hoop dancers. Experienced hoopers look no further than the Canyon Dance Hula Hoop Ultra Flex.

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  • Learn fun new choreography and hoop dancing basics with this DVD. Hours of fitness and fun!

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  • What’s more of a bonus than to practice working a pair of hoops in both hands? Minis develop coordination and creativity.

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  • The latest must have hoops!  Mini hoops come in pairs, are light weight, tone arms and upper body, and add beautiful, visual poi like dancing to your hooping workout.

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Showing all 6 results