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Hula Hoop Sizing Guide

STORIES 3 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide

Step 1 - Find Your Ratio

General hoop size recommendations that use the height from the floor to your belly button can be very inaccurate.  The Canyon Hoops method, developed over the last ten plus years, uses a height to waist calculation to provide your individualized ratio number, an excellent predictor of your overall body frame. Waist to height ratio is also an excellent predictor of the right size hoop for your body frame.

Our ratio calculator is designed for beginning or intermediate hoop fitness rather than dance. We feel our hoop dancers are in a position to pick the right hoop for them and we make suggestions on the types of hoops for beginning, intermediate or advanced hoop dance.

After a decade of serving clients, we feel confident our customized ratio will help you find a hoop that works for YOU!  Find your perfect hoop with our SUPER SIMPLE calculator.

Step 2 - Find Your Hoop Size

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Mens Hoop Sizes v5 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide
Dance Hoop Recommendations v2 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide

Step 3 - Customize Your Hoop!

Now that you know what size is right for you, it is time to select your hoop to fit your budget, personality and fitness goals.

Exercise and Fitness Hoops:  https://www.canyonhoops.com/product-category/hula- hoops/exercise-fitness-hoops/

Dance and Performance Hoopshttps://www.canyonhoops.com/product-category/dance-and-performance/

10+ years 100K hoops sold with 99% positive feedback.  

I love my new hoop! Your web site advice on the correct size and weight are great. I needed a new exercise to add to tennis and pilates and the hoop is fun and very relaxing. I’m up to 20 minutes a day and try to add tricks…really fun! Very sturdy and well made. Funny….the last 2 things I purchased on line were made in Portland! Thanks for your attention to detail and informative web site! – Anne

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