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Hula Hoop Sizing Guide

Hula Hoop Sizes Hula Hoop Sizing Guide

What's the right size & weight?

Our sizing guide takes into consideration shape, size, weight, age, and goals. All factor in deciding the right hoop size and weight. First decide: are you more interested in Exercise and Fitness or Dance and Performance Hoops. Are you trying to hoop like you did when you were a kid or just trying to lose a few pounds? Are you trying to burn over 400 calories a session? Or do you want to look like the cool, dance hoopers you may have seen performing at festivals and on YouTube? Whatever your goal, we can help you find the right size, weight, and style hoop to meet your needs.

Which category do you fall in?

We divided information between two main hoop categories: Exercise and Fitness Hoops and Dance & Performance Hoops. Both categories are great for exercise, so we refer to the heavier 1.5-2.0 lb. hoops as weighted hoops, and the lighter 0.75-1.25 lb hoops as dance hoops. Weighted Exercise hoops are more popular with individuals who want to learn to hoop, have fun, lose weight and take a few inches off their midsection; but are not so interested in learning off body tricks and hand moves that are popular with hoop dancing.

Hula Hoop categories Hula Hoop Sizing Guide
 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide

Exercise and Fitness Hoops

We recommend a hoop you can comfortably rotate for a minimum of 10 minutes. Most people prefer their hoops somewhere between the belly button and up to the middle of the chest. Canyon Hoops are measured from the floor to the top of the hoop.

The smaller the hoop diameter the faster the hoop needs to rotate which makes it a bit more difficult (think children’s hoops at the store). The advantage of a smaller lighter hoop is that you will get your heart rate up quicker and get a faster aerobic workout. Larger diameter, heavier hoops rotate more slowly and offer easier control. If you are a beginner, would prefer learning at a slower rate and are overweight, you will do better to start with the larger hoop.

What size is right for me?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the average women’s height is 5’4” and 166.2 pounds.  If you are 5’4” or smaller and no more than 140 pounds we would recommend our 38” diameter hoop at 1.5 pounds. If you are 5’4” or taller and weigh more than 140 pounds you should think about getting our 42” hoop at approximately 2.0 pounds. Men’s sizes are even easier; unless you already know how to hoop, get the larger hoop.

Returns & Satisfaction

We understand the difficulty of picking the right exercise hoop. It is the question we receive more than any other. That’s why we offer a 30 day no questions asked return policy on ALL of our hoops.

Another way to ease your concern is to simply buy our Two in One fitness hoop.  The Two in One Fitness Hoop is a size option in both vinyl and decorative taped exercise hoops. This unique hoop can be adjusted from 42” to 38” at the push of a button. Take the guess work out of choosing the right size and weight exercise hoop. We can also make any custom size hoop on request.

How to pick hula hoop size Hula Hoop Sizing Guide
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Some Weighted Hoop Myths.

Many people believe a hoop’s weight is the most important factor in weight loss. This simply is not the case. Regardless of how you exercise, you lose weight by using oxygen while increasing your heart rate and burning calories!  If the weight of the hoop allows you to maintain control and work up a sweat, the hoop is the right size and weight for you, even if it only weighs one pound.  Using a hoop that’s too heavy may even be harmful, due to bruising and the potential to aggravate any existing health concerns. We don’t recommend hoops with gimmicky waves or magnets, as they almost always produce bruises, and are usually heavier than needed.  Canyon Hoops have a smooth inner surface to prevent bruising and harmful effects of hooping.

Dance and Performance Hoops

Dance and Performance Hoops are ideal for the individual who wants more variety and challenge in their hooping routine. These hoops are designed for faster paced workout, dance tricks, isolations, and off body moves that require light weight and fast rotation. Dance and Performance Hoops are 32 to 40 inches in diameter, 0.75 lb to 1.25 lbs in weight, and are designed to give a bit more of a challenge to your hooping routine.

If you have mastered waist hooping and are looking for more of a challenge or  to learn hoop dance, our Two in One Dance Hula Hoop is the best choice. This unique hoop has a removable segment that allows you to change from a 40″ diameter to a 36″ diameter hoop at the push of a button.  If you would like the collapsible travel version of this hoop the Infinity Collapsible Dance Pro might be the better choice.

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Hula Hoop Tape Samples Hula Hoop Sizing Guide

Ultralight Hoops for Dancing

Our ultra light Dance & Performance Hoops are recommended for intermediate and more experienced dance hoopers. The featherweight Ultra Flex and Polypro Hoops are the go to hoops for the intermediate and advanced hooper. Ideal for hand manipulation tricks, directional changes and breaks. All of our Dance & Performance hoops, and decorative taped exercise hoops, have grip tape (gaffer’s tape) added for better control. Grip tape can be added to any hoop on request.

More Hoops & LED

Mini Hoops are a pair of small matching hoops which spin over your hands while moving your arms to create beautiful flow movement and patterns.  This is a great upper body workout and a perfect compliment to traditional hooping. Buy the instructional DVD to get yourself off on the right foot.

Dancers love our LED Hoops which are great for nighttime fun for the whole family. Check out our demo videos and remember they come with a 1 year parts and service warranty, battery and battery charger.

Don’t forget we have 10 years experience making Children and Youth Hoops that are designed to get your kids moving toward better health and fitness. Fight obesity, get hooping with your children today.

LED Hula Hoop Hula Hoop Sizing Guide

Still not sure?

 New Sale Items page is full of great buys on all our products.

We don’t recommend using charts to select your hoop, as more often than not, you will be fit with the wrong hoop.  If you are still unsure which size is right for you, or have questions about our hoops, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Canyon Hoops
7402 B SW Macadam Ave
Portland, OR 97219

e: support@canyonhoops.com
p: (503) 728-8502

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