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Hula Hoop Sizing Guide

Our Hula Hoop Sizing Guide has helped over 100,000 Customers Find THEIR Perfect Fitness Hula Hoop

The Hula Hoop Sizing Guide Page uses a height to waist ratio to determine your preferred hoop size. General hoop size recommendations that use the height from the floor to your belly button can be very inaccurate.  Should a five foot individual with a 26 inch waist use the same hoop as the same individual with a 34 inch waist? Frankly speaking, the larger your waist size the heavier and larger diameter hoop you need. The same is true of individuals of the same waist size but with vastly different heights. Our ratio calculator takes both height and waist size into consideration when determining your recommended hoop size. Our hula hoop sizing guide method, developed over the last ten plus years, uses the height/weight calculator to provide your individualized ratio number, an excellent predictor of your overall body frame and hoop size.

Please understand that any method that guarantees to predict an individual’s “perfect” hoop size, without knowing that person more thoroughly, is promising too much. Our goal is to make sure that you have the best chance of success, based on our ten plus years of experience and shipment of over 100,000 hoops to customers worldwide. We also offer a 30 day money back, no questions asked, guarantee on all Canyon Hoops products.


After a decade of serving clients, we feel confident our customized ratio will help you find a hoop that works for YOU!  Find your perfect hoop with our SUPER SIMPLE calculator.

sephora hula hoops Hula Hoop Sizing Guide

Step 1 - Find Your Waist Size to Height Ratio

Step 2 - Find Your Hoop Size

Women’s Weighted Exercise and Fitness Hula Hoops

Recommended Hoop Size Based on Your Ratio Number

36 Control Flex v2 150x150 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide
38 or Two in One Fitness v3 150x150 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide
42 or Two in One v2 150x150 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide
3lb with waist trimmer v2 150x150 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide

Men’s Weighted Exercise and Fitness Hula Hoops

Recommended Hoop Size Based on Your Ratio Number

40 or two in one control flex v2 150x150 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide
38 or two in one mens v2 150x150 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide
42 or two in one mens 150x150 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide
3lb with waist trimmer mens 150x150 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide

Dance and Performance Hoops

Recommended Dance Hoops Based on Experience and Skill Level

Our hula hoop sizing guide is appropriate for hoop dance as well as hoop fitness. However, we feel that anyone who has mastered waist hooping and is desirous of learning new tricks and improving their skills, are in a better position to pick the right hoop for their current skill level. Our picks for hoop dance are based on our many years of experience, and we make suggestions on the best hoops for beginning, intermediate or advanced hoop dance.

Control Flex 150x150 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide


Ultra Flex 150x150 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide


Poly Pro 150x150 Hula Hoop Sizing Guide



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Step 3 - Select and Customize Your Hoop!

Click on the image with your recommended hoop size range in Step 2. This will open a link to our Canyon Hoops product page. There you will find hoops with your recommended size based on our hula hoop sizing guide, available in a variety of price ranges, tapes, color combinations and hoop configurations.

Note: In all cases the Two in One Hoop will bridge the gap between sizes and is strongly recommended where it is an option.

We’ve included links here to the individual Exercise and Dance categories. On these pages you will find all related category products, including Child and Youth Hoops, Arm Exercise Hoops, Led Hoops and Fitness Accessories.

Exercise and Fitness Hoops:  https://www.canyonhoops.com/product-category/hula- hoops/exercise-fitness-hoops/

Dance and Performance Hoopshttps://www.canyonhoops.com/product-category/dance-and-performance/

10+ years 100K hoops sold with 99% positive feedback.  

I love my new hoop! Your web site advice on the correct size and weight are great. I needed a new exercise to add to tennis and pilates and the hoop is fun and very relaxing. I’m up to 20 minutes a day and try to add tricks…really fun! Very sturdy and well made. Funny….the last 2 things I purchased on line were made in Portland! Thanks for your attention to detail and informative web site! – Anne

The video on your site and the online sizing instructions convinced me to buy the hoop from you rather than any other vendor……..At almost 6′ tall, I haven’t hooped since I was a girl. I am enjoying relearning how to hoop with the larger size hoop. Everyone I’ve shown it to, however, has remarked at how BIG it seems. So then I just show them how to remove the extra length of hoop and that makes them smile.  Pam (verified owner)  December 6, 2016: