Congratulation on your new hoop purchase!

We have a few things we’d like you to do in order to ensure your hoop works perfectly for you.

Remove any ties holding the hoop together by carefully cutting with a razor blade or scissors.


Leave the hoop on the floor in a heated room for at least 24 hours. The hoop will uncoil to its full size on its own. Failure to allow the hoop to uncoil may result in the hoop not forming a perfect circle which is hard to correct.


After 24 hours, remove the plastic tubing covering the hoop. Stand the hoop in front of you with your hands 6 to 8 inches from the ends of the tubing, place your foot on the bottom of the hoop and pull up and out a few times to complete the full circle.


One end of the tubing has a white connector with a “snap button” protruding from the end and the other end of the tubing is open with a small hole about ½ to 1 inch from the end.


Stand the hoop in front of you with one hand on each side of the two ends. Push down on the button to allow it to enter the opening and push the ends together until the “button” on the connector fully engages into the hole in the open end. You may need to twist the tubing a bit to make sure the button is fully in the hole. You can pull and twist the hoop, trying to pull the hoop apart, to test the connection.

This hoop is not designed to be taken apart, but you can do so by using something to push the button down into the tubing allowing you to pull the two ends apart.

We recommend you store the hoop connected (as a full circle) to maintain its circular shape. Try not to hoop on gravel or other rough surfaces which can tear and scuff up the tapes. Use soap and water to clean your hoop.

Do not leave your hoop in extreme temperatures. Extreme heat (such as a car in the summer) can cause the hoop to warp and make the adhesives to leak, causing the hoop to feel sticky. Extreme cold temperatures also make the hoop susceptible to damage.

If you have any concerns or questions about our hoops or these instructions, you can reach us via phone or email at the address listed:

Phone: (541) 838-0124