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How to Hula Hoop Videos

We will be populating this page with a variety of How to Hula Hoop Videos, pertaining to the assembly, care and use of Canyon Hoops products. Click on the video or written instructions for more information on the video and how you can benefit from hooping.

Here’s a great little waist hooping instructional video by Leigh Little.  She and I collaborated on our recently released Hoop Fitness DVD.

Big Girls Can Hoop!  What a great video just shows that anyone can hoop with the right size and weight hoop.  So can you! Enjoy!

How to open and close your Collapsible Hoop!

How to Assemble and operate your Canyon Hoop LED (video)

Here’s a nice video of Leigh hoop dancing with her Polypro Hoops.

This video shows the advantages of our new Two in One hoops available for beginning dance and beginning exercise hoops.