As we begin our final challenge in the series, I just wanted to take a minute and acknowledge all of you that have stuck with the challenge, provided feedback, and experimented with new things as you progress in your own hoop journey.  I’m honored to have witnessed some amazing progress in areas related to both your hooping and in your own professional and personal lives.

Before you begin this last challenge, take a minute and watch the following video.

“A chalkboard was placed on a street in New York City asking strangers to write their biggest regret. People did not write things like driving a new car or living in a specific neighbourhood. Instead, things like not applying to med school, not following an artistic passion, and playing it safe were the heartfelt things people wrote.

This viral video by Strayer University is a lesson for everyone. Let’s not regret what we did not do, rather everyday is an opportunity to do the things we will never regret.”  You can read the full article here:

What's Your Biggest Regret?

This challenge is about diving into the world of shoulder hooping.  Recommended hoops include the Two In One Dance Hoop, Ultra Flex Dance Hoop, Control Flex Dance Hoop, and Poly Pro Dance hoops.  You can even work with the first part of the video with a weighted fitness hoop.  The second portion (bringing the hoop from waist to shoulders) will be more difficult with a heavier hoop.

I’ve included time segment references below the video in case you want to come back to a specific portion of the video.

  1. Watch the video called “Introduction to Shoulder Hooping”  .
  2. Practice the segments of the video, as your skill level and time allows.
  3. Send me an email: leighlittle@real-fitness-solutions and let me know what your biggest challenge is right now.

And a big thanks to April Billingsley who made my fabulous hat seen in today’s tutorial!  I am pretty much in love!  It’s like a cozy for my head, doesn’t interfere with hoop tricks and hides a bad hair day.  I’ve listed April’s contact information below if you would like to get in touch with her.  I’m also giving away one of her hats in the color of your choice as part of our end of the challenge giveaway!  Look for an email soon about the giveaway!

Introduction to Shoulder Hooping

1:50  Practice shoulder movements

2:44  Incorporate chest and back with shoulders

4:06  Start practicing with your hoop

5:00  Bringing hoop up from waist to shoulders

5:44  Practicing dipping hands

7:51  Spiraling up to shoulders

About April Billingsley:

Hey! My name is April Billingsley and I am passionate about freedom, authenticity and health, as well as making beautiful things for beautiful people! My family and I are dedicated to giving love and kindness in all aspects of our lives! Contact me at or on Facebook at


Leigh Little, Hula Hoop Expert

This Challenge Contributed by:

Leigh Little
ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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