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Frequently Asked Questions & More

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Receiving

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Please contact us at support@canyonhoops.com with the items you would like to order and your international shipping address. We will then provide an international shipping quote for your order.

What are your shipping time frames?

We ship within 2-4 days from receiving the order, excluding weekends and holidays.  Most domestic orders arrive in 2-5 business days after shipping.

What are your shipping rates?

We ship using UPS or USPS, and usually for $11 or less. Shipping is automatically computed and displayed before the final checkout.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Paypal.

Do you charge sales tax?

As our home state of Oregon doesn’t charge sales tax, neither do we.

Hula Hooping

What size hoop should I get?

Hula hoop sizes depend on your height, weight, and what kind of rotational style you want: slow rotations make for easier control in dance, while fast rotation is great for burning calories and losing weight. The larger you are, the larger a hoop you need.

What color hula hoops do you offer?

We offer many different color patterns and tape types, including holographic, vinyl, and glitter tape. Each hoop comes with different options, listed on their product pages. All hoops are available for unique customization.

Where can I learn how to hula hoop?

Read our How to Hula Hoop page. YouTube is full of hula hoop tutorials, ranging from the basics you may have learned as a child, to the intricate tricks taught by skilled professional dancers.

What is the History of hula hoops?

Hula hoops were thought to have originated among North American, African, and oceanic tribesmen for exercise and ceremony, often using woven reeds. Ancient British medical records report treatments for hooping-related injuries to limbs and the torso. The name “hula hoop” comes from the type of hip motions associated with dancing the hula, a traditional Pacific Island dance. This hip motion also twirls the hoop, which was brought to Australia, and later the United States, in the 1950’s, as plastic hoops for children. The craze swept both nations, being memorialized by children’s cartoon Alvin & the Chipmunks and their Christmas song “Hurry Christmas, Hurry Fast.”

In the modern era, a hooping renaissance is currently underway around the world, owed in large part to professional dancers in Russian, Chinese, and American circuses. No longer simple plastic, today’s hoops are made of highly durable industrial plastic or lightweight metal, sometimes enhanced with LED and collapsible technology. Thanks to online ingenuity, hooping has grown into a niche culture with years of research devoted to making it a popular fitness exercise.

Canyon Hoops

Who is Canyon Hoops?

Canyon Hoops is a mom & pop hula hoop emporium, with a storefront in Bend, Oregon, and a growing online presence. Having discovered a passion for hooping over a decade ago, we promote a well rounded hooping lifestyle with top of the line hula hoops and accessories.

Is your website Secure?

Our website keeps your personal and financial information safe and secure. Our transactions, processed and secured through PayPal, doesn’t retain credit card information.

Do you store credit card information?

No we do not. PayPal handles our PCI compliance.

Do you sell customer information?

Nope! Your information is safe with us.

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