REASON NUMBER ONE: Sitting Erases Your Hard Work – by Leigh Little

Get ready for these statistics!

Let’s assume you do a good paced run for an hour or a good aerobic hoop fitness workout. For every hour that you sit the rest of the day, you erase 8% of the benefit of your run.So let’s assume you have a desk job where you may find yourself sitting a good portion of the day.Over the course of a day, we’re going to assume a half hour commute each way, a minimum of 8 hours sitting during your workday and an hour sitting during your lunch.We’re not going to even take into account night time sitting.Given this scenario of 10 hours of sitting, you’ve just erased 80% of the benefit of your workout.

Now, let’s assume you do something less than an hour of strenuous running and do a lot of sitting post workout.Let’s assume again a total of 10 hours of sitting, even though many of us sit between 10 and 15 hours. A less strenuous workout results in a 16% benefit decline over the course of a day. So given this scenario, you’ve actually incurred a LOSS of 160% – not pretty.

REASON NUMBER TWO: Sitting and lack of movement post exercise can cause fat to end up right back where you started.

Not only does sitting erase the benefit of your workout, but it can cause what’s called re-esterification. In short form, during exercise your body releases fatty acids, cool. But sitting and lack of movement can actually cause these fatty acids to recirculate and land right back where they started on hips, thighs, and belly.

To prevent this, try walking for 15-20 minutes post workout, if time allows. And PLEASE keep moving during the day!

If you need to sit try practicing some Mindfulness Exercises or Meditation.

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  1. i had my hoop for yrs know for a while i stop hooping then i started hooping again in less then 60 day i went form size 22 to 18 i do mine for half an hr when i wake up and half hr at night plus i keep track of my cal i love hooping

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