Hoop For Hope Challenge #4

PART ONE:  Walking With Your Hoop

Today’s challenge is all about walking with your hoop and then taking that skill to learn a basic dance combination using both walking and turning with your hoop.

  1. Watch the video called “Walking with Your Hoop”  When you can do this with relative ease, move on to the second video.
  2. Watch the video called “Basic Dance Combination”
  3. Practice your walking and basic dance combination for at least 20 minutes.  If you have additional time, include 15 minutes of “free hooping”

Please do NOT get discouraged if this doesn’t come easily to you right away.  Some of this is simply practice time in the hoop.  When you get it, you’ll have it for life, much like riding a bike.  Try to enjoy the journey, and the process of learning!  Have fun and laugh at yourself along the way.

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Hoop for Hope Challenge #2

PART ONE: The 4-7-8 Breath

Many of you have expressed what a positive impact hooping has had on your lives.  We’ve heard how you feel happier after a hoop session, more relaxed, and some of you have even reported less anxiety and depression.  Today’s challenge is all about harnessing the power of the breath to further deepen the mind, body, breath connection.  Our thoughts influence our breathing.  Our breathing influences our physiology.  Learning how to use this technique can have a wide variety of benefits:

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Wednesday Workout: Hoop Circuit

Want to Burn Fat and Boost Detox At the Same Time? Grab Our Done For You Circuit

Ever wonder if you can incorporate your hoop WITH your other workouts? We’ve put together a circuit with just two pieces of equipment that can boost your metabolism for up to 48 hours after you’ve finished (not even running alone can do that) and give your lymphatic system a big nudge in the right direction. Choose from three different levels of the circuit so whether you are a beginner, intermediate or want to take your fitness up a notch, we’ve got you covered.

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How to Beat Halloween Weight Gain

Which holiday really kicks off weight gain and heart disease? Hint, its right around the corner and on every shelf in the store right now.

Halloween is a sneaky, sneaky time of year. It’s scary because it’s the REAL holiday that kicks off an almost three month long weight gain campaign for many people. We often think of weight gain starting around Thanksgiving and continuing on past Christmas, hence the New Years Resolution popularity. But October is particularly tricky, not only because most people don’t equate it with a big feast like Thanksgiving, but also because of the TYPE of “food” that it’s centered around, sugar.

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7 Ways You Can Burn More Calories Hooping. #3 is Ahhhh-mazing.

How Many Calories Can You Burn Waist Hooping?

How many calories can you REALLY burn waist hooping? Today we are going to show you 7 ways to burn more calories hooping and take your waist hooping to the next level.

There’s no doubt that hooping burns calories – The American Council on Exercise conducted a study to determine cardio and calorie burning effects of hooping. The study used 16 women between the ages of 16 and 59, all of whom were intermediate to advanced level hoopers (read the study here). The average calorie burn for this group in a 30 minute session was 210.

Think 210 calories won’t produce results? If you hooped every day for half an hour that’s the equivalent of 21 pounds lost!

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Definition of a collapsible hoop!

Lately more and more hoop stores and hooping individuals have been using the adjective “collapsible” to describe a feature of their product. Unfortunately most of these hoops are clearly not collapsible.

What is a collapsible hoop? How is collapsible best defined in relation to a hula hoop? It is clear that meaning of “foldable” is the closest synonym for “collapsible”. Foregoing the definition of collapsible in terms of a building collapsing, the dictionary defines the term collapsible as “being able to fold into a smaller space”. This definition becomes clear when we examine a number of different types of hoops.

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