Hoop for Hope Challenge #10

As we begin our final challenge in the series, I just wanted to take a minute and acknowledge all of you that have stuck with the challenge, provided feedback, and experimented with new things as you progress in your own hoop journey.  I’m honored to have witnessed some amazing progress in areas related to both your hooping and in your own professional and personal lives.

Before you begin this last challenge, take a minute and watch the following video. Read more

Hoop For Hope Challenge #9


Note:  In this tutorial we used the Poly Pro Dance Hoop .   However, you can use any dance OR fitness hoop to perform these drills.

I’ve received a LOT of questions about what to do with arms while waist hooping!  So today we are giving you a few drills to practice while waist hooping to not only relieve the fatigue of holding your arms out to the side, but also to add some excitement to your waist hooping!  You’ll learn a basic resting position, and two variations of the belly break. Read more

Super Bowl Combo Part 2


In this challenge, we are adding on to the dance combination from Part 1.  We continue the series by adding an escalator and float to the end of the sequence!  You can use a dance hoop or weighted fitness hoop to perform this combination, but admittedly lighter dance hoops will be a bit easier than weighted fitness hoops. Read more

Super Bowl Combo


In this challenge, we teach you a basic hoop dance combination using a half horizontal toss, pass, and reverse escalator kick out.  You can use a dance hoop or weighted fitness hoop to perform this combination, but admittedly lighter dance hoops will be a bit easier than weighted fitness hoops.

Upload your photos or videos of you practicing the combination to your Facebook timeline or Instagram and use the hashtag #canyonhoopssuperbowl  We will be featuring our favorites on our Facebook page during the Super Bowl on Sunday!  All photos should be posted by Saturday, February 6 at 11pm PST for consideration. Read more

Hoop For Hope Challenge #8

PART ONE:  Abs, Abs, and More, well, abs!

Note:  In this tutorial we used the Weighted Exercise Hoop Vinyl Tapes.   However, you can use any hoop to perform these exercises.

Today’s challenge teaches you how to challenge your abdominals and core with additional exercises using your hoop.  If you find these challenging, make the modifications suggested in the video and always begin any new exercise conservatively to avoid excessive soreness.  If you are just beginning to do core work, please don’t do more than one set of these exercises. Read more

Don’t Do This Exercise While Hooping (Please)

Peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, red beans and rice. Some things JUST GO together. But some things are better left apart, and today I’m going to talk to you about the number one exercise you should NOT be doing while hooping. (And stay to the end because we are going to give you my number one exercise for reshaping and lifting the butt – it’s not what you think). Read more

Hoop for Hope Challenge #7

PART ONE:  Learn To Perform a Basic Float

Note:  In this tutorial we used the Polypro Dance and Performance Hoop in 36″ diameter, 5/8″ tubing in purple with hot pink grip tape.  You can use any hoop to perform this trick. 

Today’s challenge teaches you to perform a basic hoop dance trick called a float.  This is a beautiful movement that can add variety to your hoop dance practice and is a good transition movement from one trick to another. Read more

Hoop For Hope Challenge #6

Before we start the challenge today, I just want to take a moment and tell all of you that I am so proud of the work that you are doing.  You are showing up.  You’re trying.  You’re taking risks.  Your commenting, reaching out.  It’s an amazing experience and I’m honored to be a part of your journey.  I have a special video I would like you to watch.  When you are finished, I want you to write down your thoughts.  Find your voice.  Find YOUR passion! Read more

The Magic Of Ten

ADD TIME AND INTENSITY TO YOUR PRACTICE without even realizing it.  And become a hoop master in the process!

Growing up in rhythmic gymnastics, mastery of skills was critical. If you’ve never seen Rhythmic gymnastics (look for it in the summer 2016 Olympic Games), it involves dance movements with the rope, ribbon, ball, clubs, and yes, hoop! Ironically the hoop was one of my least favorite and most difficult events as a child. Mainly because a standard size of hoop was required per age group and I was so tiny that the hoop came up to my collarbone. I’ll never forget one of the mastery skills had me jumping OVER the hoop while it was rolling on the floor. NOT easy. To this day, my parents giggle that the piece of equipment that I came back to as an adult was the hoop. Read more

Hoop For Hope Challenge #5

PART ONE:  Take Your Hoop From Waist to Overhead Lasso

Today’s challenge is all about moving your hoop from your waist to off the body in overhead lasso.

  1. Watch the video called “Waist to Lasso”.  Practice this at least 15 times today.
  2. Practice your walking and basic dance combination for at least 20 minutes.  Try adding waist hoop to lasso at the end of the combination.
  3. If you have additional time, include 15 minutes of “free hooping”.

We have a special addition to our challenge today.  Melissa Huggins from veganhuggs.com has added an amazing, easy swap that will nourish your body, feed your soul and not add a thing to your waistline. Read more