Mini Lesson: Focusing on THIS Will Ruin Your Weight Loss Efforts

It’s December.  The season of giving, the season of frantic holiday shopping and commitments, lunches with friends, and yes, the season of endless food appearing at your office.  We could save this mini series on fat loss for the new Year, but we thought we would give you a head start to help you reach your goals.

And yes, this was actually my lunch in a sea of pies, so I really do get it.

I recently had lunch with a very good friend of mine, Paige, who shared that she was up 8 lbs from this time last year and that the doctor had advised her to get the 8 lbs off as soon as possible to avoid some very common health problems that affect many of us and have affected others in her family.  All of this while I bob my head up and down as I too have had obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression,  and chronic back pain debilitate members of my family. Read more