Top 15 Hula Hooping Apps

Top 15 Hula Hooping Apps

Learn which of these top 15 hula hooping apps just might take you from beginner to expert.  Technology can make not only our schedules and productivity more efficient, but it can take your hula hoop dance and fitness practice to the next level.  So today, we’ve complied our 15 most interesting and applicable apps that can help you:

  • take your hoop dance from bad to mad,
  • teach you how to incorporate your hula hoop with total body conditioning,
  • track your nutrition if weight loss is your goal,
  • manage learning your hoop tricks,
  • provide music variety and consistent beats per minute
  • improve coordination of your brain and body movements,
  • improve sleep to help reduce cortisol and boost weight loss results (check out our article on how hooping can boost your mood)

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Get the Skinny on Waist Trimmers!

Get the Skinny on Waist Trimmers

What You Can Really Expect From a Waist Trimmer

Today we’re going to break down when and why you should consider using a neoprene waist trimmer in your hula hoop dance and fitness practice and what results you can realistically expect.  AND, you’re going to love this.  A protocol to use with the waist trimmer to jump start your results and put you into fat burning mode during and after your workout. Read more

[New Tutorial] Hula Hoop Dance Flow

New Hula Hoop Dance Tutorial

Anyone can learn this fun new hula hoop dance flow using this step by step tutorial from The Kreepy Hoop Troupe!  Not only will this hoop dance flow give you a chance to practice fun hoop tricks, but it will keep your heart rate up!  This hoop dance flow is great for beginners and small spaces.

Hula Hoop Dance Tutorial Sequence

Meet The Kreepy Hoop Troupe!

Roxxx: On Easter Sunday two years ago my cousin Mikey brought all of her Hula hoops to our Grandmother’s house and scattered them in the yard. I picked one up, exclaiming that I could never keep a hoop up and gave it a try. To my delight and surprise, after an hours or so I finally achieved something I never thought possible: I could hula hoop! I went to Lowes the next day and my husband helped me purchase supplies to make my very own “adult” hoop and I started binge watching youtube tutorials. Now I feel like a total ninja!

Bleeb VonAlien: My name is Missy AKA Bleeb VonAlien. I accidentally stumbled across hooping when looking for a painting technique on youtube. When Katie Sunshine’s paint hoop video popped up. That was two years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Hooping has made me a stronger, healthier, and happier person.

Mikey: I’ve been Hooping since about May of 2012. I always watched my friend Katie Blanton hoop and wanted to do it so bad. So one day we went to a hoop party Taylor Gwertz had organized and she gave me my first hoop for free! And the rest is Hoopstory! (History lol)

Mandy: (She was unavailable for comment at the time) Mandy was forced into hooping by Roxxx who really wanted to have a hoop buddy. She fell in love with it, practicing illusion tricks. Her Favorite is the chest roll! She has since moved on to learn Fans, planning on expanding her practice with fire in the near future!

How Did You Form Your Group?

Last summer, the four of us got together and we were joking around about starting a hoop troupe. We had been meeting a couple times a week for a few months by that point and our friendships started to grow and blossom.

On the day we decided to start the troop, Mikey mentioned that since we were all “alternative” in nature and liked to think of creepy things, that we should be the Creepy hoop Troupe. Bleeb loved the idea, and I decided that we should be creepy with a K! We have a common goal to “flow outside the box” and inspire others with our creativity and unique quirky hoop videos.

Follow The Kreepy Hoop Troupe!

We do not currently have a website, but you can find us on Facebook at:

Hoop Dance Flow

We’ve Got You Covered!

Our dance hoops are smaller in diameter and lighter than our Exercise and Fitness hoops. They are designed to rotate faster, be more flexible and responsive to help you learn and master hoop dance flow in all its varied forms.

We recommend our dance hula hoop control flex hoop.  Its the ideal size and weight for both beginning and intermediate hoopers.

9 Ways to Rock Hula Hoop Tricks in a Small Space

Winter weather and small spaces don’t have to derail your hoop dance and fitness progress.  So many of you have asked for hula hoop tricks and exercises you can do with your fitness and dance hoops inside small spaces. So today, we’ve compiled a list of hoop tricks and exercises to try that will keep you on track without breaking a lamp in the process! Read more