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SPECIALS!  That's what this page is all about.  We constantly offer special pricing and discounts whenever you drop by our store.  These specials typically save you up to 20% or more on quality Canyon Hoops products. 


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Mini Hoops

The latest must have hoops!  Mini hoops come in pairs and are light weight hoops used in off body hand moves that, not only tone arms and upper body, but create beautiful, visual poi like dance moves to your hooping workout. 

Was: $39.99 - $57.49
Now: $35.00 - $52.50
weighted hula and arm hoops

Save 10% over individual costs by buying this combination package that includes a 38", 40" or 42" Vinyl taped Canyon Weighted Exercise Hoop and Arm Hoop Set in matching swirl pattern and colors. Great total body workout at a discount price.  Add a DVD for a total package savings of 13.5% off individual prices.

Was: $56.25 - $66.25
Now: $50.50 - $60.50

This special includes a 38", 40" or 42" Canyon Weighted Hula Hoop and a one pound weighted jump rope from Valeo.  This is our most popular hoop and a great jump rope with 1/2 pound weights in each handle. Get a great aerobic workout and work on that waistline with this special price.

Was: $49.99 - $59.99
Now: $40.00 - $50.00
Mini Hoop DVD

Here's a must have instructional DVD if you want to join the latest hooping trend - Mini Hooping!  This challenging new form of hooping adds an exciting new dance element to your dance hoop routine.  More reason to feel sexy and alive.

NOTE: Mini Hoops are not the same as Canyon Arm Hoops.  This DVD does not contain Arm Hoop Exercise instructions.

Was: $24.99
Now: $19.99

Stretch bands can help you tone your upper body while you are hooping.  We often get asked what to do with your arms and this is a great way to work your upper body.  Easy to use and versatile the set consists of three bands light, medium, and heavy. Give it a try!

Was: $14.99
Now: $11.99
Hula Hoop Waist Trimmer

The Valeo Neoprene Waist Trimmer is the perfect accessory to use with your exercise hoop to boost the benefits of your personal workout.  Helps eliminate water weight and prevents bruising or body discomfort from hooping.

Was: $9.99
Now: $7.99
yoga mat

Yoga and Pilates Mat - make yourself comfortable during yoga or pilates workouts with this durable and comfortable mat.

Was: $19.99
Now: $16.00
Subtotal: $0.00
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