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This pages includes items that have been added to our product list over the last 30 days.  We strive to include products that are compatible with our hula hoops and which will improve your hooping routine as well as your overall health and fitness.

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Led gloves

These are sooooo cool!  Seven different led modes at your fingertips at the push of a button.  One pair of gloves in each package.  Great for walking, running or biking at night or just great nightime led fun. 

LED Hula Hoop

This colorful,  super bright LED hoop comes with 24 dragonfly led lights - four each of six different colors. Includes a rechargeable battery with charger, grip tape on inside of hoop, and will also work with two AA batteries for those times no power outlet is available.  Go all night!  One year warranty on lights and 30 day money back guarantee.

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