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"It's a Ten", "Fruit Punch","Kaleidoscope" and "Star Burst".  All of our LED hoops come with a one year electrical warranty and 30 day money back guaranty.  Just send it back and we will repair or replace the hoop and return it to you good as new.  Simple snap on snap off operation with no surface switches. (See demo below)  Each hoop includes a 3.6v lithium rechargeable battery and battery charger and a 1/2" strip of gaffer's grip tape on the inside of your hoop.  All our LED Hoops use either the rechargeable or two AA batteries. Check out our video demo's on the details page.  At 36" overall diameter and counterbalanced to provide smooth rotation and easier hooping.

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LED Hula Hoop

You will love this 36" ultra-light 12-14 ounce LED hula hoop with 10 super bright , COLOR Changing LEDs.  Light up the night sky with a kaleidoscope of color and fun.  Just $65.00 and includes battery and charger, grip tape and a one year parts replacement and full service warranty at no extra cost.  Great for beginners, experts, and children of all ages. Check out our demo video in details.

LED Hoops

Bright Colorful LED Platube Shoelaces, Batteries included. One size fits all,  Length 35.5 inches,  2 pieces in each single order.

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