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How To Videos or Pictures

Instructional How To Videos and Pictures

We will be populating this page with a variety of How To instructional videos, pictures and text pertaining to the assembly, care and use of Canyon Hoops products.  Click on the video or written instructions you would like to know more about.

1.  How to Assemble your Canyon Hoop (video).


2. How to Properly Open and Close Your Canyon Hoop Infinity Collapsible Dance and Exercise Travel Hoop (video).

3. How to Assemble and operate your Canyon Hoop LED (video).

Please note that our new led hoops can accomodate either one 3.6v rechargeable lithium battery or two regular AA batteries.  Refer to the picture below for reference.  If operating with one rechargeable battery you will utilize the third and fourth holes to operate the on/off positions and if using two AA batteries you will use the first and second holes in the open end of the hoop.  The video above only shows operation with one 3.6v battery and only two holes.

Led Hula Hoop

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