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This large category includes hoops from 34" hoop diameter and 12 ounces in weight all the way up to 42" diameter and 24 ounces in weight.  We do this by varying the HDPE pipe diameter, wall thickness (psi) and overall hoop diameter.  We also include our line of LED hoops and three sizes of Mini Hoops in this lighter category. The hoops are designed for those people that want to do a bit more with their hooping routine.  The lighter weight makes the hoops rotate faster which allows the hooper to do more of the moves both on body and off that make hooping so much fun.  We have also found that learning new tricks is eased with a little larger hoop and when more proficient a lighter hoop is often preferred.  Whether you are a professional hooper, intermediate, or just beginning we have a dance hoop especially designed for you. The benefits of hooping are well known and regardless of your ultimate goal we can help you select the right hoop.  You will find a large variety of color combinations available and as always we can customize a hoop to your size, weight and color specifications.

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Dance Hoop

This 3/4" O.D. 125 psi pipe hula hoop is ideal for learning and performing hoop dance routines and all those cool moves you see experienced hoopers having so much fun with on youtube and at festivals!  Have fun, lose weight and get fit!  With weights from 14 to 19 ounces and 34" to 40" diameter hoops you can choose the hoop and color combination that is just right for you.  We can customize the size and color combination of your choice. Call 877-914-6677.

Dance Hoops

Here's another dance and performance hula hoop option you might prefer.  Ideal for intermediate and performance hoopers who need extra flex, less weight but prefer the 3/4" 100 psi tubing size.  As always custom size and color combinations available.  Call 503-728-0852 for information.

Ultralight Dance Hoops

This 1/2" I.D... 125 psi HDPE pipe diameter hula hoop is ideal as a personal dance and performance hoop for both body and hand hooping.  It comes with decorative glitter, prismatic, holographic sequin and grip tapes.  Quick and responsive it is Ideal for intermediate and experienced hoopers, as well as children and other small body types that want a smaller diameter tubing that is more flexible, lighter and available in smaller overall hoop diameters. As always custom sizes and color combinations available on request.

Dance Hula Hoop

This is our transition hoop between heavier Weighted Hoops and lighter Dance and Performance hoops.  Available in 3/4 I.D. 160 psi 38" or 42" diameter hoop sizes.  These decorative, vinyl and grip taped hoops are the same size and weight that those Hollywood bling bling sites sell for $40.00 to $50.00 or more.  If you want to challenge yourself and get more fun from your hooping routine this is the hoop for you.  Being heavier than our ultralight hoops this hoop is easier to learn those cool dance moves but still allows you to get the workout of a heavier hoop.

$39.99 - $50.99
dance hula hoops

This is the perfect practice and daytime hoop for approx. 20% less than the decorative variety and up to 50% less than other sites sell their dance hoops.  Easier to learn and easier on your pocket book too!  Made of 3/4" I.D. 160 psi hdpe tubing and colorful vinyl tapes.  If you want a bit more bling take a look at our Dance Hoops with decorative glitter, fluorescent and grip tapes.  As always custom colors and sizes available.  Call!

$29.99 - $40.99
Dance Hula Hoops

Finally a lighter infinity collapsible travel hula hoop for more serious hoopers!  This is the hoop you need to do those cool dance, performance and off body moves that require the hoop to be lighter and rotate faster.  We've designed these hoop to fit most body types and experience levels and the smaller and lighter size diameter is great for children and youths as well as adults. If you want to start doing more exciting tricks and dance movements this is the hoop for you.  One size approximately 40" diameter and 1 lb 4 ounces.

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