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Exercise and Fitness Hula Hoops-Dance Hoops at Canyon Hoops!

Welcome!  We appreciate your visit and hope to make your stay informative, as well as a safe and satisfying shopping experience.  This is our eleventh year in the business of manufacturing and selling Canyon Hula Hoops, and we have shipped in excess of 70,000 of our hoops to customers worldwide.   Canyon Hoops is a small family business and all our hoops are proudly Made in the USAIf you have questions or wish to order by phone please call 503-728-8502.   Wholesale inquiries welcome. 


Check out our new "Two in One" fitness hoop that comes with a removable segment that allows you to change between 38" and 42" diameter hoops with the push of a button.

Canyon Hoops Two in One Fitness Hoop

Combine the Two in One with our new "Hoop Fitness DVD" to maximize your fitness benefit through a series of aerobic, toning and abdominal exercise routines. 

Now if you really want to get moving on meeting your weight loss goals check out our new "Body Makeover Kit" special that includes the Two in One hoop, Hoop Fitness DVD and our new 30 Day Flat Belly Makeover System with everything you need to lose weight and live the lifestyle you've always wanted.  Special introductory price that is 20% off the regular price of the above items.

 Don't' forget we have gift certificates that never expire so if you want to treat someone to a great gift just follow this linkDetails

Just posted a new video on our "How To Videos or Pictures" page, it's called "Big Girls Can Hoop" and it shows that anyone can hoop with the right size and weight hoop.  

Also posted a great new beginning waist hooping instructional video on our "How to Videos and Pictures" page.  Check it out!



Canyon weighted exercise hoops are made from thick wall materials to add natural weight to make these hoops easier to use. Designed to give you a better workout with the best hoop available.  Choose from a variety of weights, sizes, color combinations and style configurations.

We have greatly increased our products in this popular category which includes 4 types of dance hoops, mini hoops, LED's and Polypro hoops. Hooping with smaller lighter hoops allow the hoop to move faster making it easier to do all the neat dance, hand and off body moves that make hooping so much fun.  You will find the perfect hoop whether you are a professional hooping artist or a dance hoop beginner.  Perfect for all ages and body types.

This category was created to emphasize a new direction for Canyon Hoops.  We want to become more than a hoop store and more of a health and fitness business by offering the means and methods to help people become fit and healthy. This category consists of Health and Fitness programs, nutrition suggestions and other products. 


We now have LED Hoops with the same great warranty, quality and service you expect from Canyon Hoops.  Three styles each under $100.00. All our LED Hoops come with a 3.6v rechargeable battery and charger( included in the price), or you can use two AA non rechargeable batteries (not included), a 1/2" grip tape of your choice on the inside of the hoop. One year parts replacement and service warranty. Soooo much fun!

Get moving with one or more of our 3 different beginner to intermeadiate level DVD's.  A DVD will improve your workout and has been shown to increase calorie burn rate over a more simple hooping routine.  The music and instruction will get you hooping!

This category consists of children and youth hoops in a variety of hoop types, sizes, colors, and patterns.  Designed for your child with the ideal size and weight for fun and fitness.  Ultralight hoops are also included in this category as they are perfectly sized for children and small body types.

Collapsible travel hoops make it easy to take your hoop anywhere you go.  Just fold them down and throw the hoop over your shoulder or in your car trunk then fold open when you arrive ready to hoop! They won't fit in carry on luggage but can be carried attahed to a backpack or in a carry on bag and will fit under the seat or in the overhead by themselves.

The latest must have hoops!  Mini hoops come in pairs and are light weight hoops used in off body hand moves that, not only tone arms and upper body, but create beautiful, visual poi like dance moves to your hooping workout.

This category includes a set (2) of Canyon Arm Hoops which have been designed specifically to tone arms, shoulders, back and chest muscles.  Category includes the arm hoops and a combination package with a weighted hula hoop at a 10% discounted price.

Category consists of products designed to compliment hula hoops in your workout.  We have increased our fitness accessory products to include recommended exercises to reduce the effects of osteoporosis.  Osteoporisis is the thinning of bone tissue and loss of bone density occuring over time often without any symptoms. 

Category of all Canyon Hoops site wide products available for sale.

 Weighted Hula Hoops, Dance Hoops, Collapsible Hoops, Best Value, Quality, Price, and Service!

  • 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee on all Canyon Hoops products.

  • Lifetime No Kink, No Crush Guarantee on Weighted Exercise Hula Hoops.

  • Perfect for all body types and experience levels.
  • Smooth Inner Surface to Prevent Pain and Bruising-No waves, bumps, magnets, or other gimmicks.
  • Safe and Secure Shopping over 60,000 satisfied customers.  Customer Service is a primary goal and we do not share customer information with anyone.

  • New Colors and a new easier to assemble and secure snap button connector.

"Here is the large order that I told you about over the phone.   We want 68 hoops in all.   My members just LOVE your hoops." Curves - Georgia - Weighted and Un-weighted Hoops"

"Thank you so very much for the exceptional service! We love our hoola hoops! My physical therapy patients love them too! You gave me the opportunity to make exercise fun and easy for people/kids who have dealt with an injury to get moving again. You and your company are WONDERFUL!!!"
Thanks TONS, Pam

April 21, 2011 - I placed an order about a week ago and received it two days ago. I LOVE it, the order process was smooth and fast and the product is great, extremely well made.  I had purchased a hoop from a sporting goods chain store and took it back the next day, it was way too heavy and fell apart every time I tried to use it.  I took my Canyon Hoop out of the box, followed the (very easy) directions and I have been thrilled using it ever since.  Thanks so much!!

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