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Canyon Hoops provides reliable, safe online shopping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the U.S., Canada and international locations. We are strongly committed to providing our customers with top quality merchandise, reliable shipping, and world class service!

Whether you are purchasing, or just browsing, we appreciate your patronage and the time you have spent with us. Canyon Hoops are proudly made in Portland, Oregon USA. Make sure to bookmark our site, as we update our online catalog often.

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Meet Ron & Ruth Klint

Canyon Hoops owners Ron and Ruth Klint discovered their passion for hooping while white water rafting the Colorado River, Grand Canyon.  Since 2004, Canyon Hoops has shipped over 100,000 hoops worldwide.  Canyon Hoops is committed to customer satisfaction, and encourages you to reach out by phone or email with any questions or feedback.  We are the only hoop retailer offering a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee, plus a lifetime no crush, no kink guarantee on all Adult Canyon Exercise Hoops. Canyon Hoops wants to provide our customers with products and motivation to become healthier and happier.

Body Hoops

In May of 2014, Canyon Hoops purchased the assets of Body Hoops. Canyon Hoops already sold Body Hoop’s Infinity Travel Exercise Hoop because of Body Hoop’s patent: a unique swivel connector that allowed them (and now allows us!) to make collapsible hoops heavier and thus easier for beginner’s to learn, as well as providing extra weight resistance beneficial to weight loss.  No other company can make a reliable and truly collapsible weighted hoop.

Hooping lets me feel like a child, spinning, smiling, laughing, and learning new tricks, always amazed at the possibilities.

Emily Violet, Body Hoops Customer

  • Two sizes in one hoop! Take the guesswork out of choosing your hoop size. Start out with the larger 42″ size then drop down to the 38″ size as your hooping skills progress.





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  • New to hooping and want to learn hoop dance? This is the ideal size and weight for both beginning and intermediate hoopers.


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  • Canyon’s patented Infinity Collapsible Travel hoops allow you to take your hoop with you wherever and however you travel.


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