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All of the products in this category are affordable, easy to use, and can be used inside your home.  This is important to help you find and keep a exercise routine that you feel comfortable coming back to and repeating time after time. While hooping is an excellent aerobic and fat burning workout we recommend you add some of these products to add some variety and to pin point some key areas related to overall fitness and health.

We offer two kinds of jump ropes, weighted 1 lb with 1/2 lb in each handle, and a deluxe speed jump rope, both offer a great aerobic workout.

This category consists of core training aids to help you control weight and strengthen those abdominal muscles.

Pilates and Yoga exercise accessories including Canyon Arm Hoops, rings, circles, fitness balls, mats, stretch bands and assorted fitness items.

Resistance exercises provide a low-impact workout to shape and tone arms, shoulders, legs, and back.  Strengthen and firm upper and lower body.  Recommended by Doctors to help ward off failing bone density due to ageing.

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