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Dance Exercise Hula Hoop Vinyl Tapes

Dance Hula Hoops vinyl tape
Dance Hula Hoops Swirl Pattern
Dance Hula Hoops Braid Pattern
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This is the perfect practice hoop for both beginners and experienced hoopers.  Bright colorful vinyl tapes take a beating and approx. 20% less than the decorative performance hoops are a solid value.  Canyon Dance hoops are the same material, size and weight you see on other hooping sites that sell for $40 to $50.00. A little lighter than Canyon Weighted Exercise Hoops these hoops have been sized and weighted to provide the ideal hoop to learn all the fun, sexy moves you see on the cool Hoop Dance Videos. You will find that while hooping with these hoops you will strengthen your abdominals, shape your waist, burn fat and speed weight loss, build core strength, energize sexuality and stimulate the libido. This hoop also available in bright decorative prismatic, fluorescent, glitter, and holographic tapes for just a bit more.

Available in a variety of bright vinyl colors.  If you don't see the color you want just give us a call and we can make a hoop with the size, color, and weight just for you! 

Custom made for you in Portland, Oregon USA

Made from 160 psi polyehtylene tubing weighing just over 1.5 lbs.

30 day money back guarantee

Extra repair tape in each color included (just in case you drop your hoop on gravel or concrete - tape can tear but won't unravel)

Happy Hooping!

I didn't get what i was expecting when i ordered this hoop. I was hoping for a lighter, smaller hoop for doing tricks with, which is what the description claimed this hoop was great for. When i got it however, it was very heavy and HUGE. i had ordered the small adult hoop, but the hoop comes up to the bottom of my rib cage when i stand in front of it and I'm 5 1/2 feet tall. It's obviously a very well made hoop, but it's too heavy for doing tricks and rotates very slowly when I use it. it's also very painful when i hit my head or face on it while i'm trying to learn new tricks. It wasn't what I wanted, but it is a good hoop if you are looking for meditation or exercise hooping. If you are looking for a lighter, smaller hoop for tricks and hoopdancing like I was, i would find a different hoop. Canyon Hoops NOTE: We carry ultralight dance and performance hoops. What you ordered was a beginner dance hoop heres a link:
I am taking a hula hoop fitness class and this it my first hoop. I have only used it twice now for practicing, but after the first use I had bruises, not visible but I can feel them, on my hands and waist. I'm not totally sure that it's not just me doing something wrong, but I feel like this hoop is just too heavy to dance and do tricks with. I can't even do lifts with it because my muscles aren't strong enough yet. On the plus side, if I can stand the bruises, I know it is building my muscles and if I master tricks with this hoop I will be a pro with a lighter hoop.
I got a 38" hoop for hoop dancing (I'm 5'5"). I absolutely love it. I've taken it out dancing several times and I can tell it's very sturdy and well-made. I'm planning on buying more of the same size so I can learn multiple hoop moves!
I bought a small adult 38" hoop for myself (i'm 5'4") to learn how to hoop dance and also for exercise. The size and weight of the hoop are perfect. It was really easy to assemble. The hoop is high quality and the best price I found online for this kind of hoop. I've had a blast dancing with it so far - I'm addicted! Canyonhoops seems like a very honest company, and I like that. I'd definitely buy another hoop from them in the future.
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