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The unique connectors allow this hoop to simply twist open and twist closed without any tape or pieces to put together.  This is the best collapsible hoop on the market by far.  Available in Infinity Exercise at 38" 1.5 lbs and 42" 2.0 lbs.  We also have the collapsible dance hoop which is lighter and better for hoop dancing and off body hooping.  The Dance Pro Collapsible comes in one size at 40" diameter and approx. 1.25 lbs.

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collasible hula hoop

Enjoy the convenience of having your hoop with you anywhere you go. No assembly -- just twist the hoop and it quickly swivels to an infinity shape and then folds over to a convenient carrying size. Includes a reusable velcro tie to keep your hoop in a tight circle when closed. Best collapsible hoop on the market by far.  Available in small 38" 1.5 lb or 42" 2.0 lbs size and weight and four cool glitter and grip tape color combinations.

Dance Hula Hoops

Finally a lighter infinity collapsible travel hula hoop for more serious hoopers!  This is the hoop you need to do those cool dance, performance and off body moves that require the hoop to be lighter and rotate faster.  We've designed these hoop to fit most body types and experience levels and the smaller and lighter size diameter is great for children and youths as well as adults. If you want to start doing more exciting tricks and dance movements this is the hoop for you.  One size approximately 40" diameter and 1 lb 4 ounces.

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