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Hooping in the Canyon

Canyon Hoops owners Ron and Ruth Klint hooping in the John Day River Canyon one of many white water raft trips.  Since 2004 we have shipped over 70,000 hoops worldwide.  We are committed to Customer Satisfaction so if you aren't satisfied with the products or service you receive here at Canyon Hoops call or email us and we will make sure to correct any defficiencies.  We are the only hoop retailer offering a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee, plus a lifetime no crush, no kink guarantee on all Adult Canyon Exercise Hoops.  In 2014 we acquired the assets of Body Hoops including their Infinity Collapsible Travel Hoop patents and trademarks.  We look forward to serving you in the coming years.  It is our goal to become more than a hoop maker and work to provide our customers with the products and motivation to become healthier and happier. Thanks!

"I am 57 year old retiree
I have been doing the hulp hoop since june 2006 for at least 15-20 minutes a
day. I have lost 3 inches for my waste, thighs, and hips. I really enjoy doing
the hula because it also releaves stress." Linda Tucker

Here's an addedum to our story.  In May of 2014 Canyon Hoops purchased the assets of  We have been selling Body Hoop's Infinity Travel Excersize Hoop for serveral years because of Body Hoop's patent which includes a unique swivel connector that allows us to make our collapsible hoops heavier and thus easier for customer to learn as well as providing the extra weight resistance so benefitial to weight loss.  No other company can make a reliable and truly collapsible weighted hoop.

The Canyon Hoops Story

Prior to August of 2004 I hadn't thought of hula hoops for many years.  Then I had the opportunity to row a gear boat down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  We  were on the river for a total of 18 days in a private group of five boats and 14 people.  I mainly carried gear for the five kayakers that accompanied us on the trip plus my share of the supplies for the group (not to mention the crapper but thats another story).  About five days into our trip and during our first layover day a couple of the young women kayakers, Audrey Tolefson a Portland Firefighter and Lori Hoffmann a physical therapist, made a hoop out of tamarisk branches that grow along the river using duct tape to hold the circle together.  They both have hoops at their homes and use them for excercise and fun.  From that point on I carried the hoop on the back of my boat the rest of the trip.  The kayakers would hoop as part of their morning stretching and exercises before they put on the river.  The only day they didn't use the hoop I was thrown from my boat at the top Hance rapid the third largest rapid on the river.  After that the hoop didn't go on my boat until it was used! 

We used the hoop during the evenings for entertainment as well!  Each of the ladies on the trip with ages between 29 and 65 were naturals.  The larger heavier hoop made it easy for them to start hooping right away.  I can't say the same for the guys who struggled with keeping the hoop spinning for any length of time.  To add color we attached glow sticks that made the hoop light up and really looked great during the evenings activities. 

Upon returning to Portland we all agreed to meet at my house for a get together to celebrate our successful river trip through the Grand Canyon.  Audrey brought along a number of hoops she had made as gifts for each of the people on the trip.  Nothing better than good friends, good food, and lots of fun.  Everyone had a chance to try out their hoops and all went home with a new found appreciation for hula hoops as good fun and a great exercise accessory.  After figuring out that I had been rotating the hoop (for me) in the wrong direction I wanted to learn more about the hoop and what I would need to do to make hoops for myself.  Audrey was gracious in teaching me how she made the hoops and through some experiementation I feel I have improved on both the materials and construction.  One thing led to another and as people asked me to make hoops for them I decided to offer my hoops on ebay. 

The result is a durable almost indestructible hoop that we take with us on all of our outdoor river trips. This hoop is designed for fun and fitness.  If you are like us you will be dropping the hoop, stepping and tripping on it, etc.  This hoop can survive being dragged through a river on the back of a boat, and I can't even calculate the number of times the guys dropped it in the rocks and sand trying to get the hang of the thing.  After ebay I decided to put the hoop online at my web site as well.  As they say..."the rest is history".  

Thanks a bunch for your support!

Home made hula hoop   Hooping Party

Lori on the Colorado River                                       After river party having fun hooping

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Canyon Hoops acquired the assets of Body Hoops on May 6, 2014. We will continue to offer all of the great products of Body Hoops with a larger selection of Canyon Hoops products, improved customer service and more added value to our customers.