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Canyon Hoops Information Page!

Canyon Hoops are 100% sourced and made in the USA!

Canyon Weighted Exercise Hoops

As you may have noticed there are a lot of internet sites selling hoops and it seems a new one pops up every day.  When I started there were very few sites that sold custom hoops.  Most, if not all, custom hoops are made of polyethylene tubing in a variety of tubing lengths and diameters.  Polyethylene tubing is a strong and flexible tubing.  The tubing is measured and classified by first the inside diameter of the tubing and second by the pressure per square inch the tubing can withstand before bursting.  This is referred to as the tubing's "psi".  Most custom hoops are made from 3/4" or 1" inside tubing diameters and between 100 psi to 160 psi tubing.

Canyon Adult Exercise Hoops are the only custom hoops that use a 200-250 pounds per square inch Polyethylene tubing!

The difference is significant both in performance and especially in the ability of the hoop to absorb the day to day punishment, bashing against obstacles, falling to the ground, being stepped on, pulled, pushed, and generally abused. The 100 and 160 psi hoops can become damaged either because they kink at certain bend points and/or crush if pressure is applied directly to the hoop.  In addition these hoops require adding weight in the form of water, sand or some other element which often causes the hoop to be unbalanced and wonky when hooping. All Canyon weighted exercise hoops are approximately 25 to 50% thicker walls, are heavier, and stronger than all other competitor's hoops.  Canyon hoops are almost indestructable I am the only maker of custom hoops that offers a lifetime, no kink, no crush, guarantee! 

Not only is the quality of my hoop better but I usually have a lower price per hoop than my competirors even though the 200 psi tubing costs on average 40% more per foot than the 160 psi tubing and 60% more than the 100 psi tubing.  We make a designer series with prismatic, fluoescent, and glitter tapes with a 1" decorative gaffer grip tape for a slightly higher price per hoop.  My basic two or three color vinyl taped hoops are the best bargain on the net for anyone interested in a low cost, quality hoop for fun, for exercise, for tricks, and for performance hoops.

 Canyon Exercise Hoops Technical Specifications

  • Canyon weighted exercise hoops are made from 3/4" .824" I.D. 1.060" O.D. 200-250 psi polyethylene tubing with a minimum wall thickness of .118" and weigh .1538 lbs per foot.   
  • Thus a 38" Small Adult Canyon Hoop weighs approximately 1.538 lbs and a 42" Regular Adult Canyon Hoop weighs approximately 1.86 lbs befoe connectors and decorative tapes are added.
  • Hoops are cut to size and cleaned for maximum tape adhesion.  Tape will not unravel during use.
  • Colored .007 mm vinyl tapes in red, white, blue, green, organge, yellow, purple, and pink are available to customize and personalize your hoop.
  • Reflective Prismatic and Glitter tapes are also available in designer colors and patterns along with 1" gaffer tape for extra grip when hoop dancing, performing tricks and off body moves.
  • Canyon hoops are specifically designed for exercise, fitness routines, dance, hooping tricks, and just plain fun.   
  • Choose between 38" overall diameter, measured floor to top of hoop, 40" or 42" diameter hoops (diameter is approximate).  The smaller hoop requires a little extra effort to rotate but gives you more of a aerobic workout.  The larger hoop is easier to rotate and allows you to maintain your hooping for longer periods. Custom sizes available by request.
  • I have many testimonials from people who are currently using Canyon Hoops. See my testimonials page.
  • Canyon Hoops are priced to sell and I do not add any handling charges.  You pay actual shipping costs.

Canyon Dance and Performance Hoops

We have four varieties of dance and performance hoops perfect for all types and experience levels.  We start with the "Control Flex" at approx. 1.25 lbs, the "Super Flex" at 1.0 lb and below, the "Ultra Flex" with 1/2" O.D. tubing is our lightest dance hoop, and lastly our Collapsible Control Flex for travel and convenience.  This group consists of hoops from 1/2" O.D. 125 psi to 3/4" O.D. 100, 125, and 160 psi and sizes from 34" to 40".  The Control Flex is ideal for the beginning dancer and the lighter hoops are for the intermediate or expereinced hooper.  Dance Hoops are a little lighter as they are designed to rotate faster allowing the hooper to move the hoop up and down the body, isolations, bumps and to do some of the fun off body moves which require the hoop to rotate at a faster rate.  It also doesn't hurt quite as much when you are first learning some of the moves and smack your head or shins with a heavier hoop.

Canyon Arm Hoops

Canyon Arm Hoops


Canyon Arm Hoops are more comfortable to use so you will exercise more to tone arms and upper body. Different exercises will target specific areas of your arms including biceps, triceps, back and shoulder muscles. Help reduce those flabby areas we all wish were less visible when we wear sleeveless shirts, swimsuits, or tanks. This is an exercise that you can truly do anywhere. Increase your flexibility and stamina to help you with all of your exercise or physical activities. Want a custom color? Select one of the three basic color hoops green, blue, or purple and add any of seven vinyl tape colors to personalize your hoop. Each Arm Hoop in the set (two hoops) weights approximately 9.5 ounces and each has an overall diameter of 15", an inside diameter of 12.5" and a tube diameter of 1.5". Since they are larger than other arm exercise hoops you will find that Canyon Arm Hoops stay on your arm and don't ride up or fly off as easily as other arm circles so you will exercise longer and get more benefit from your exercise routines. Shipping costs are for a two pound package.

LED HOOPS and Accessories

Our newest product LED Hoops in three cool color changing styles.  Quality hoops at reasonable prices.  Take the time to compare.  These hoops are lighter, approximately 15 ounces and 35 to 36 inch diameter.  LED hoops are made lighter to facilitate hand and dance moves that really show off the bright colors and patterns that make these hoops so much fun at night.  LED Hoops come in styles with as few as 10 leds up to 32 leds with super bright color changing and strobing leds.

Children and Youth Hoops

Youth and Children's Hoops are made of 100 psi tubing with size (diameter and weight) based on the age of the child.  For pre-teens I recommend using a slightly larger diameter hoop.  This is the same tubing used by my competitors, it is lighter than my adult hoop, and does not come with the lifetime guarantee.  Having said that it is still bigger, heavier, and stronger than the toy hoops available in department stores.  You can request either tubing size and if you want something other than the 32" or 36" size I will customize the size to meet your needs.  All of the color options available on the adult hoops are also available on the children's and pre-teen hoops.

Infinity Collapsible Travel Hoops

Two types Dance and Exercise in a variety of cool colors.  Dance hoops are 36" to 40" diameter 125 psi tubing and Exercise are 38", 40" and 42" diameter and weight the same as our Weighted Exercise Hoops. Enjoy the convenience of having your hoop with you anywhere you go. No assembly -- just twist the hoop and it quickly swivels to an infinity shape and then folds over to a convenient carrying size. Includes a reusable velcro tie to keep your hoop in a tight circle when closed. Best collapsible hoop on the market by far. No sections to put together, come apart, or rattle when hooping.  Stop breaking finger nails and brusing when trying to connect and disconnect segmented travel hoops.


Canyon Hoops Make Great Gifts! Surprise your friends or loved ones with a Canyon Hula or Arm Hoop Set for Christmas, Birthdays, or other holidays!


On our site you will find lots of additional information, pictures and tons of feedback from satisfied customers who have been buying Canyon Hoops products since 2004.  Get Fit!  Get Hooping!  Have Fun!


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